Common Website Design Practices That Can Ruin A Website

Bad website design is easy. Just randomly pick a website on the internet and chances are youll spot a few terrible design choices. If you have some experience in website design, youll find the thought What were they thinking? going through your mind often. It is very easy to get something wrong instead of right, and this is as true in web design as it is in any other endeavor.

? Not Considering Browser Compatibility

Easily one of the common failures in website design, failing to account for the use of different kinds of browsers is a big no-no that results in many users leaving your website. Though Chrome may be the most popular browser, many millions use other browsers, and you dont want them to get a bad impression of your website.

? Off-putting Fonts

Keep it simple and beautiful, so long as it remains readable. Selecting crazy fonts with grand flourishes will just make the site and its contents unreadable – rendering it useless. The idea is to convey information first, and be beautiful after.

? Bad Contrast

Like selecting the right fonts, selecting poor contrasting colors can also instantly give your website design a failing grade. You can make extremely difficult for the viewer if you choose poor color contrast. Its important to play around and see what works, while also sticking to the general theme you might have decided upon.

? Making it Difficult for the User to Get What the Site is About

Remember what was said about conveying the information first? Lets talk about that again. Your first purpose must always be to get the users attention. But the user would like to know what your website is about, so you must convey your websites goal immediately and in as striking a manner as possible.

Dont let your site be hazy about its intention. Be clear from the get go – your site must make its purpose and clear from the first glance. The prettiness of animations can come later, if it has a place in the design.

Its important to iron out the wrinkles and polish your website. If you design for one browser and not the other, you alienate a large section of users. If the visual elements of your website are wonky, you alienate everybody. These may seem small and can be easily overlooked, which is why you should pay close attention to your website design.

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